Red Ingle


Ernest Jansen "Red" Ingle (November 7, 1906 – September 6, 1965) was an American musician, singer and songwriter, arranger, cartoonist and caricaturist.[1] He is best known for his comedy records with Spike Jones and his own Natural Seven sides for Capitol.

Ingle was born in Toledo, Ohio[2] on November 7, 1906. He was taught basic violin from age five by Fritz Kreisler, a family friend. However at 13, he took up the saxophone, and that instrument later became his main instrument. Ingle received a music scholarship and studied at the Toledo American College of Music, playing classical music on a concert level.[3][4] Ingle was also influenced by the country fiddlers he had heard; he was able to play their songs in their style as well as the classics in a traditional pose.[1] At 15 he was playing professionally with Al Amato, and by his late teens, Ingle was touring steadily with the Jean Goldkette Orchestra, along with future jazz legends Bix Beiderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer.[1][5] A graduate of Toledo's Scott High School, at one time he intended to become a teacher.[3][6] Ingle left the College of Music in 1926 to become a full-time musician when he married Edwina Alice Smith.[1] He joined Ted Weems' Orchestra in 1931, after briefly being a bandleader himself, and working under Maurice Sherman. His work with Weems was such a success that they worked together into the 1940s.[3][7] Singer Perry Como later called Ingle 'one of the most talented men I've ever met.'

A pilot since 1924, Ingle wrote the Army Air Forces "I've Got Wings" manual as part of his wartime work at the Civil Aeronautics Administration.[1][8] A talented leather carver whose saddles were in demand by celebrities, he also taught the skill in Veterans' hospitals during this time.[1][3][9][10] One of Ingle's carved saddles was on exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition World's fair in San Francisco in 1939: a saddle carved with images illustrating the history of the state of California.[11]

Ingle's son, Don, followed his father into the music business in 1949.